SAP and Sailing

Sailing provides the perfect platform for SAP to showcase innovative solutions, helping the sport run like never before. SAP’s involvement in the sport has transformed the sailing experience by providing tools, which:

  • Help sailors analyze performance and optimize strategy
  • Bring fans closer to the action
  • Provide the media with information and insights to deliver a better informed commentary

SAP Sailing Analytics

SAP Sailing Analytics provides insights and transparency to the world of sailing by utilizing cloud and in-memory technology, processing GPS and wind measurement data in real-time and then visualizing contents through the use of live leader boards and 3-D visualizations. This provides the team with valuable information for post-race analysis, such as: in-race ranking, average speeds, distance travelled, gaps to leader and gains and losses per leg.

Check out SAP Sailing Analytics here


Post-race Analytics

Access to data collected at sailing events gives sailors the opportunity to assess and analyse their performances to help develop strategies and sail better.

SAP’s Business Analytics tools, including SAP HANA, create meaningful historical insights and analyses for sailors, as well as team coaches, enabling them to deep-dive into their own performances, discover patterns and ultimately improve training and preparation.

“The ability to review and analyze our performance between acts has proved invaluable this season – from race to race we are able to identify areas where we can make improvements and optimize our strategy and planning.” Rasmus Kostner, Co-Skipper, SAP Extreme Sailing Team

“In 2016 we continue to work collaboratively with SAP to develop enhanced performance analysis features for the Extreme Sailing Series and use all the technology tools available to us to optimize performance. Rasmus Kostner, Co-Skipper and Tactician, and I have high expectations to become the podium team. Our single minded focus will be more training and preparation to achieve game-changing results”. Jes Gram-Hansen, Co-Skipper, SAP Extreme Sailing Team

Check out SAP Sailing Analytics here