Meet the Team

Jes Gram-HansenTeam Principal / Coach
Adam MinoprioHelmsman
Rasmus KøstnerTactician, Co-Skipper
Richard MasonBowman
Pierluigi “PG” de FeliceTrimmer
Julius HallströmFloater
Renato CondeBowman / Boat Captain


About the SAP Extreme Sailing Team

Led by Co-Skippers Jes Gram-Hansen and Rasmus Kostner the SAP Extreme Sailing team was founded to enter the Extreme Sailing Series circuit challenging for the championship, offering a true stepping stone for top-level sailors to compete and a platform to open up new horizons and challenges.

The professional team delivers emotionally tied, unmissable action in the GC32 foiling multihull stadium racing in the Extreme Sailing Series, the world’s leading inshore stadium sailing event rooted in the thrill of racing and up close action engaging guests and fans in over 8 markets across 11 months of the year.

The SAP Extreme Sailing Team campaign is focused around an ethos of innovation, technology and speed, capturing the next generation of heroes in motion. As title sponsor of the SAP Extreme Sailing Team and the Official Technical Partner of the Series and SAP has continuously improved the experience for fans and pushed sailors to perform like never before.

SAP continues to deliver enhanced analysis tools both pre and post-race, providing sailors, media and fans with greater insight into the on-water action than previously available. Both Jes Gram-Hansen and Rasmus Kostner, continue to work closely with SAP to develop enhanced performance analysis features for this year’s Extreme Sailing Series. Features which support the decision-making process of sailors in order to increase the effectiveness of their racing strategy and execution.